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Yoga Teacher Training

What you should know before signing up to a programme- we tick all the boxes

1. Who is the main Teacher and are they fully qualified?

How long has he/she they been teaching? They should be seasoned professionals.

Kathy Ran has been teaching yoga for over 22 years and is a senior yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and is highly respected in her field. Certifications in 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga, 200 hour Anusara Inspired teacher, She holds a masters degree in Physical Science and a BA in Education. She has done trainings in the US before moving here to the UK and holds her own Teacher Training School- Yoga Training Unlimited

2. How much of the programme is actually being taught by the main teacher?

Some programmes do not have the main teacher teaching a substantial part of the course.

Kathy Teaches 70% of the course as required by Yoga Alliance

3. How long has the programme existed? How many students have already been trained?

The longer a programme has been around and the more students who have graduated the better.

Our yoga training school has been around since 2005.

4. Who is teaching the anatomy section and what experience do they have?

Often times the anatomy section can be poor, boring or not really relevant to yoga. Make sure the person teaching the anatomy section is a yoga teacher so that they can teach you to apply your anatomy learning in the context of a yoga class.

Kathy now teaches the Yoga Anatomy section with her background in pyhsical science and yoga she make it all very comprehensive and practicle for all students on the course.

5. How many teachers are on staff?

A ratio of one teacher for every 10 students is good. Make sure the main teacher will be available to give personal attention and to guide you through the experience.

We only have an intake of 10 students so you get individualised attention and quality teaching experience.

6. Will you be ready to teach by the end of the programme?

Good programms should give you many opportunities to teach during the training and require you to teach classes outside of the training prior to the practicum.

Each student must teach to classmates weekly as well as host their own instagram class giving them extended experience.

7. Will you have taught one or more full classes to your classmates by the end of the training? Make sure that you will have this experience, as this will give you the faith in yourself to go out and start teaching.


8. Does the teacher offer any mentorship after the training?

If you need help or advice is there someone you can talk to after the programme?

Kathy is so helpful and always offers her time at no extra charge for all of those who seek guidance.

9. Is it possible to speak to graduates of the program?

Sometimes it is helpful to be able to contact a few graduates of the program to ask them directly about their experience.

We are happy to share all contact information of our past graduates.

10. What style of Yoga is being taught?

Make sure you are familiar and comfortable with the style of yoga that is on offer in the training.

We offer extensive training in Vinyasa Yoga and a taste of Rocket and Hot Yoga- Leaving each teacher highly employable and competent teachers.

11. How long is the program? If it is the basic 200 hours and it is an intensive it should not be taught in less than three weeks.

Our programme is 9 weekends over 5 months to allow time to absorb the material and practice. It is our pleasure each year to welcome eager studnets into amazing yoga teachers!

All Details on Kathy Ran's teacher training are located on:

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