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  • beautiful studio space- fits 28 mats


  • mirrors

  • free lockers

  • lounge area

  • full yoga boutique

  • shower facilities

  • blocks, wheels, blankets, straps

  • over 32 classes a week

  • water & community mats £1.00

I am new to the studio are there any specials?

YES! You can do a 14 days of Unlimited Yoga for £25.00. This starts the day you book your first class it and lasts for 14 days. Or, 30 days for £49. You may purchase this package online or in the studio. Please register on line prior to attending studio. You may register in studio, but arrive 20 min. prior to class. This special includes all our regularly scheduled classes.

Do I have to sign up prior to attending class?

No, you do not have to sign up in advance. But we do suggest it for many of the more crowded evening classes or weekend morning classes. If you sign up in advance we will save your spot until 5 minutes before class. If you sign up in advance and do not show up you WILL be charged. So please cancel through our the mind/body app. After you sign up or attend your first class we will have you in the system so you can use your email as your username and sign in as a current client.

Note: If you signed up in the studio then use your email as your username and hit "forgot my password" to set up your password for future sign ups. Do not create a new account since you are already in our system. Call us if you have any trouble.

What is the best way to book a class? 

Our studio on Mind/Body is the best way to quickly check the schedule, sign up, and see your all your account info! First you must create your account on our website or the Mind/Body App, then you can login with the same login you created online. It will remember you, so you will be able to sign up and view our offerings lightning fast!

How much are your classes?

Please arrive 15 minutes early to any class on the schedule.

Single Class £16
5 Class Package £65 (2 month expiration)
10 Class Package £125 (3 month expiration)
One Month Unlimited £125

Gold Membership £99 per month (auto debit) cancel with 30 days notice

Silver Membership £79 per month 8 classes a month, 30 days notice to cancel

What type of payment do you take?

We accept cash, or debit/credit cards, but not American Express. Your card information can be stored in our system to make future purchases of classes or packages quick and easy

Where do I park?

We have many parking options for you. You can park anywhere off of Hale Lane where there is plenty of FREE parking on the surrounding streets. there is paid parking in the Buns Lane car park or M&S parking across from the station.

Do you have private yoga lessons?

Absolutely. Just email us Kathy at: and tell us about yourself, if you have any prior yoga experience, and any injuries you may have so that we can tailor the experience for you. Private yoga sessions are perfect for beginners or student's looking to further their practice. The cost varies based on your needs and the instructor. An hour private session is £65 on average. Let us know if you would like to work with one of our incredible instructors one on one.

If I sign up and I don't attend will I be charged?

Yes. We ask that you cancel online or on the app, it only takes a moment. Thank you for understanding that this is necessary to protect the experience of all of our students.


What do I need to bring?

We have mats you can hire for a £1 rental fee. If you have a mat, please bring it, because our mats are first come first serve. Also bring some water if possible. Please bring a large towel and a flannel. We also sell water for £1 and £2. We have all the props you might need so just bring yourself.

How should I dress?

You should dress comfortably, and you will be kicking off your shoes once you arrive at reception. We suggest a shirt that is fitted enough it won't fall over your head if you bend over. For your shorts or leggings, just choose a pair that you can lift your leg up and not flash your neighbor.

Im a beginner, What classes should I take?

We have Beginner/Lotus Seed class, one time a week, but you can also attend any of the classes that are named Hot Yoga, Gentle, Stress Relief, or Yin Yoga. Our Hot Lotus classes are also open to beginners but in a heated room. These classes are not specifically for beginners, but are beginner level in difficulty. Once you take 2 or 3 of the beginner specific classes you will know if you feel comfortable and would like to increase the difficulty. You can then move into a Floating Yoga class, and finally into Hot Fusion and Flying Lotus which are more advanced classes. No matter what you take the most important thing is to not take yourself too seriously. You may feel confused as you first learn, but trust us, that's completely normal.

What is Yoga Etiquette?

Here's a couple tips if you are new to yoga: Please be a few minutes early to your class. Once you enter the studio it is a place of relaxation so please no talking on your cell phone in the lobby. Please turn your cell phone on airplane mode during class and do not bring your phone into the studio. You will kick off your shoes at reception so no shoes are worn in the studio. We ask that you not wear any strong perfumes and if you tend to sweat a lot please bring an extra towel. As yogi's we strive for a clean, relaxing, and thoughtful environment.

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