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The Importance Of A Good Yoga Mat

Let’s talk about the importance of a good yoga mat. Even though we use them everyday in our yoga classes and workshops. I have always looked for a good yoga mat and I have tried plenty and sliped and slid my way around my mat – until now. That’s why I want to share with you the importance of a good yoga mat. And trust me, once you have a good mat, you’ll know it. It took me many years and a lot of money that made me realise the fidderence a good quality yoga mat could make.

Best Grippy Mat made of PU
Black Lotus Yoga Mat

Feel secure in any position

Another feature of a good mat is having a good anti-slip material. If you practice yoga you’ll know a slippy mat when practicing is not only frustrating but highly distracting. Having a good anti-slip mat will help you to focus on the more important parts of your practice. With a good mat you will feel securely in place in any pose you are taking including moving through your vinyasa.

Kind to you and kind to the planet

Did you know that normal PVC yoga mats can take over a hundred years to biodegrade and are often made out of materials with lots of chemicals? When we know better, we can all do better and that is why buying a A PVC free mat is essential and will biodegrade in just 1-2yrs. A good quality mat will be made with non-toxic, planet friendly material which means they are both kind to you, and to the planet.

Why we made our own mats

So the more I read and the more knowledge I gained around yoga mats, the more passionate I felt about Black Lotus Yoga developing our own mats out of PU. What is PU? Pu is the natural rubber- Pu yoga mat meaning is polyurethane material. This material is an excellent material for making mats. It is non-toxic, tasteless, and non-slip, not easy to rot, there is an environment-friendly material and with it, we were be able to create a perfect yoga experience for our teachers and students. These mats really help to reduce the impact on the joints such as knees, shoulders and writs. We now stock BLY PU mats in our studio and want our community to reap the rewards that these mats have to offer.

We understand that buying one of these mats is a big commitment, and I wouldn’t take it lightly. So if you are wanting to make a genuine, long-term commitment to yoga, then a BLY mat could be a great investment for you. These mats last for many years and have great wearability and is worth every penny when balancing with your yoga practice.

Find the right mat for you

We also want to say that there are other great mats out there if these don’t fit your budget. We’ve tried many over the years so why not have a chat with us about what you are looking for in a mat and we will try to find the best one for you! However, if you do decide that a BLY mat is for you we have them in stock in the studio, so let us know and we’ll keep one aside for you. There is an amazing range of colours on offer including: green, pink, black and slate blue. They have an amazing design with a lotus flower in the middle and alignment dots to help throughout your practice. All mats are priced at £89 and come with a beautiful carry bag. *payment plans are available.

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