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How Breathwork Changed My Life

How breath work & meditation gave me a new outlook on life

Life has many stages, and I was entering a new phase of my life. We have a tendency in yoga to take a self-inventory and boy was I there. I raised 2 wonderful children, ben married for over 28 years and was a successful business owner, so I sat back and said what now? Hell, if I knew. My life is great, and I love my family, yoga practice, studio and teaching, but everyone keeps asking what will you do when you retire? I asked myself that question and the truth is, I want to keep practicing, traveling, and staying healthy. As we get older that is a big one- stay healthy!

About 9 months ago I just felt sad. I lost both my parents before COVID, and no one prepares you for the loss of that and I just felt stagnant. My children, now in their 20s had not returned after Uni, which was great for them, but I really missed them both. Then I went to Thailand running one of my retreats and it was there that I saw a bunch of crazy people sitting in ice. They seemed to be loving it and I became curious how they convinced themselves to do it and of course, why???

Upon my return I sought out information about ice baths and breathwork kept coming up, so I began to research the breath and the cold. I embarked on a FREE course led by a man called Wim Hoff and I was hooked. Being a hater of the cold I did not do the course to get in an ice bath, but to see what all the fuss was about. I am always curious about science and health benefits, so this was a great fit. I went on to do Wim’s 10-week course and I could not believe the results. I just felt better- mind and body. I have so many ailments – including rheumatoid arthritis, a hip replacement, knee surgery, back pain and the breathing just helped everything. The course is very scientific and helps breakdown the many benefits about oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange and the bodies PH balance. It just all made sense. There was a lot of physical challenges in the course, like taking cold showers and holding your hand in a bowl of ice for 1 min. and I challenged myself to participate in them all. Then it was time for the ice bath, could I do it? Using the breathwork and some physical practice before hand I was able to endure more than 3 min. in the ice bath and the challenge made me feel so good that I wanted more.

I am not going to lie, a lot came up during my 10 weeks and I laughed, cried, was angry and then found surrender followed by clarity. Clarity was what I was looking for, a new sense of purpose and empowerment. I took up cycling, I went cold water swimming, and I mean COLD! I truly loved it! I found that I don’t have to retire, I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to but live the life I desire. I continue a daily practice of my breathwork and meditation and really miss it if I skip a day. We have made some decisions and we are continuing to travel and cycle together, and I am so grateful for the peace of mind and newly gained empowerment this breathwork has given to me that I now share a monthly ice bath with others and teach bi-weekly breathwork and meditation classes at my studio. Breathwork is a great way to release fears and anxiety. It helps to build a new foundation for you at ANY age and is a great way to challenge yourself- physically and mentally. Anyone truly looking for change or healing just give it a try; you have nothing to lose.

Trasformational Breathwork Course will be held at Black Lotus Yoga on the weekend of 29 April 2023.

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