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The future of Yoga Teachers & Studios 2021

What Now?

Just a year ago yoga studios were popping up all over the place, not just your London yoga studios anymore. Studios have evolved from church halls and rec. centers to a variety of boutique like studios and gyms that now offer yoga. This has forced a sense of survival mode between teachers and popular studios as students now had so many choices. Then comes lockdown and a serious rush to get classes on line and promote from within. With even more choices students could visit their favorite teachers in their ZOOM living rooms.

After a year of teaching classes at home via Zoom, most studios had to close their doors and transitioned to online platforms only, leaving our "old normal" as a distant memory and a worry to what the future holds for our on line and in studio classes. This proposes a new way of yoga altogether and hopefully a way to create a better relationship between teachers, students and studios.


Location no longer matters. What was once a thriving business between yoga teachers and studios has been cut in half. With classes at half capacity and costs still rising it is hard to see how some of the small studios will survive and their teachers along with them. Studios do well , when teachers do well- its that simple. Teachers are the first people yogi's see, admire and come back week after week for a bit of their time and dedication to what they love. I am not saying this will happen, but instead of 30 people per class you know have 15. And those 15 are you regulars, so where do the new students go, well perhaps on line? You can now take someones class in America as soon as take someones class in France- location no longer matters and students have that choice to make. Another threat to small, independent studios and teachers are the big business models and franchises taking over the market and enticing students with "gym like" facilities and cheajper prices- how can we all compete?


As we all move through this strange time. A time of hope and new beginnings, we must remember to help each other. Students who loved their small independent studios can help by returning to them when able. As lockdown eases its important to remember the feeling your studio and independent teachers have given you through lockdown and continue to support them. As far as studios and teachers go, i feel that on line classes are here to stay and if you are a studio owner you should try to incorporate this into your schedule for the near and later future. Teachers that have built their on line business should continue to do so, but not for £3, as for what your worth and that is the same as pre-lockdown rates. By doing this you value yourself and your students. Those of us lucky enough to make a living teaching yoga know just how amazing and rewarding it is, but it is WORK. Just because you love what you do doesnt mean you are not worth charging for it. I do think that the business of yoga is changing, and as it changs it brings us all new possibilities, but let's all help each other and stay together towards a bright and loving future.

If anyone needs any help or advice my door is always open. Please reach out and contact me.

Kathy Ran SYT MA I Owner I Teacher I Mentor I Lecturer

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