New Procedures for Reopening of Black Lotus Yoga

Projected dates: JULY  2020

* We are looking forward to opening our doors once again and we would like to thank our yoga community for their continued support in these trying times. We all know that keeping our bodies and minds healty is so important and we at BLY are comminted to keeping our doors open via ZOOM with our live on line classes and hopefully opening our doors as soon as the governement says its safe to do so. Please find below the steps we have taken to ensure the health of all our students.


        NO: showers , tea , lockers, or use of any props or mats in the studio till further notice- we will be selling blocks, mats (£22)             and straps for those who wish to purchase them…


        All students must put personal items in a bag and store in cubie or locker for their protection- bags can be purchased for £1


       We will have hand sanitizer available for everyone who enters must put on hands while entering- this will be where the tea              used to be…


       No hands on adjustments


       Classes are limited to 12 to 14 people plus the teacher. 5 rows of three mats. Even with the 1 meter rule.


 Markings will be placed on the floor as a mat holder- clients must bring their own mat and large towel (hot YOGA) to place over mats. If you do not have a towel, they can purchase a yoga towel for £24 (instead of £30)- we are not renting towels for everyone’s safety.


  1. Students must fill up mats closest to the mirrored wall, then middle row , then row by door going vertically- you will be dismissed by you in rows after class. 1st – row by door wait a min., middle row, wait 1 min. row by mirror- please allow for this as part of the class… (3 – 5 min. dismissal time) 


    2.  Back to Back classes- no one is let into studio until all students are out, 15 min. to leave, 15 min. to get in. The teacher                        will open the door. There will be clear makings on floor outside studio…


   3. We will continue most classes in studio and on line.  The camera will be set up facing the mirror , if you want to be off camera,        just go to the back of the room.

   4. Paper towels will be used in each bathroom.

We commit to the following after each class:


* wipe down all handles, cubbies, keyboard, anything that was touched, etc.

* swift and mop  the floor with bleach

* check and wash  mirrors 

* wash hands often and use hand sanitiser

We hope with all the measures we will be welcoming you all back soon!

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out- we love hearing from you!


with any questions

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