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April 2021

Update: London Reopens

Limited trainings now on- Studio is open. Check our schedule for all trainings and Hot Yoga self practice. All Covid measures are in place.

15 December

New update: London on tier 3 lockdown

We will continuse to monitor the situation and will continue to deliver the best yoga classes with the most amazing teachers

on line. Thanks for your support for our amazing yoga family!

We are so excited to be opening our door on Saturday 25 July!


We are looking forward to opening our doors once again and we would like to thank our yoga community for their continued support in these trying times. We all know that keeping our bodies and minds healthy is so important and we at BLY are committed to keeping our doors open for our wonderful yoga community and family.  

Please find below the steps we have taken :

  • Hot Yoga is back and is safe for all attendees. We use state of the are Far Infra Red technology with a fresh air return and extract with air flowr ate of 32 lps.  We are starting all hot classes back at 38C with 50% humidity. We have also added an air purifier that will run all night and in between each class.

  • We are asking all students to stay away from the studio if they don’t feel well or been asked, or are required, to quarantine for any reason

  • Everyone attending hot yoga is required to have a large towel and a hand towel. 

  • Once you place your mat down we are asking all students to stay in the room.

  • NO: showers, tea, lockers, or use of any props or mats in the studio till further notice- we will be selling blocks, mats 
    and straps for those who wish to purchase them…

  • All students must put personal items in a bag and store in cubie  for their protection- bags can be purchased for £1

  • Hand sanitizer is available for everyone who enters and students must put on hands while entering- this will be where the tea used to be…

  • No hands-on adjustments

  •  Classes are limited to 12 to 14 people plus the teacher, staying 2 metres apart wherever possible (hint: the length of a yoga mat)

  • Markings will be placed on the floor as a mat holder- students must bring their own mat and large towel (hot YOGA) to place over mats. If you do not have a towel, you can purchase a yoga towel for £24 (instead of £30)- we are not renting towels for everyone’s safety.

  • Please be aware that for social distancing reasons you may need to queue, or even queue outside, for a short while before entering.

  • Back to Back classes- no one is let into studio until all students are out, 15 min. to leave, 15 min. to get in. The teacher               will open the door. There will be clear makings on the floor outside the studio…

  • Paper towels will be used in each bathroom.

We commit to the following after each class:

  • wipe down all handles, cubbies, keyboard, anything that was touched, etc.

  • swift and mop  the floor with Selgiene Ultra Virucidal Cleaner (kills Coronavirus)

  • check and wash mirrors

  • Wash hands often and use hand sanitiser


We will continue most classes in the studio and online.  The camera will be set up facing the mirror if you want to be

off-  camera, just go to the back of the room

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out- we love hearing from you!

24 September 2020

New Rules

1. The only change for yoga studios is the track and trace QCR code that will be located at the front door- we encourage everyone to please download the governments APP and sign in each time you attend.


2. Masks should be worn as you enter and once in the yoga room please remain seated on your mat till class begins and wait to be dismissed.


3.Only 6 people can be at reception at one time.

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