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What is it?

Not only do one to one sessions help you gain a more thorough understanding of yoga as an exercise form, they also allow your yoga instructor to personalise your yoga exercise plan to address specific needs, something which is not possible in group classes.

With years of training and practice our instructors offer yoga classes and adjustments for all level students. 

Yoga is a great way to gain fitness, increase flexibility, improve your sport or gain peace and clarity. You will not be sorry you began... 


In a private 1-on-1 yoga class you'll have the opportunity to truly focus on your own practice and tune in to what your body needs. You'll work closely with your teacher to create a bespoke tailor-made class with poses to stretch and strengthen specific areas of your body that need it, and breathing and meditation techniques that will help tackle your lifestyle off the mat too.


  • Your current yoga practice

  • Beginners

  • Athletic performance

  • Flexibility

  • Quality of breath and quite the mind (pranayama & meditation)

  • Strength and Alignment

  • Or the philosophy of yoga

Kathy Ran

Group and Corporate Lessons Available Weekly OR Individually

Want a night out with the girls or guys, OR both. Whether you need to relax or want to sweat your asana off- I can create a bespoke event your you and your gang.

Example : partner yoga is a gereat way to build team spirit, work together and learn a lot about each other- with a lot of smiling and laughter. 

This is also great for Hen Do's, birthday parties or just to get our friends together...

If you are interested please contact:

Non- refundable deposit of £50 is required to book.


One Hour Private £60 per session (usually £65)

Half Hour Private £30 per session
3 Class Package Of Privates: £150 (60 days expiration)
Group Privates (up to 10 people) £120 (bespoke 60 min.)
Private Parties (up to 10 people) £140 (bespoke 90 min.)

Gold Membership £89 per month (auto debit) 6 month contract

Silver Membership £69 per month 8 classes a month , 6 month contract

We accept cash, or debit/credit cards, but not American Express. Your card information can be stored in our system to make future purchases of classes or packages quick and easy

 Just email us at: and tell us about yourself, if you have any prior yoga experience, and any injuries you may have so that we can tailor the experience for you. Private yoga sessions are perfect for beginners or student's looking to further their practice. The cost varies based on your needs and the instructor. An hour private session is £65 on average. Let us know if you would like to work with one of our incredible instructors one on one.

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